About Us (Old)

In 2007, the largest cooperative group of raspberry growers in North America came together and formed the Northwest Berry Co-op. For over a decade, these growers had a vision of joining forces to take their fruit from the field and together bring it to the market place. Since coming together as a group, these Northwest growers have been able to afford state of the art equipment for fruit processing. Currently, the Northwest Berry Co-op handles 11 to 12 million pounds of fruit each year. Our staff has decades of combined experience in the industry. It is our on-going commitment to innovation and quality that allows the co-op to offer high quality fruit packs.

We are currently seeking companies with which we can foster a long term business relationship. Our promise to you is that we will provide you with the finest fruit pack that you seek at a fair price. Sample our raspberries and you will agree that we produce the best red raspberries in the Northwest.

If you would like additional details on the Northwest Berry Co-op, please take a look at our brochure by clicking here or contact Rolf at 360.393.8775

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