Northwest Berry Co-op is a cooperative of local farmers who bring several hundred years of combined experience together, giving us a distinct advantage in the marketplace. We are the largest cooperative of raspberry growers in North America with involved growers striving to streamline our processes.

Since 2007, we have delivered the highest quality USA grown raspberry products to companies around the world. We produce high quality fruit with the ability to trace all of our raspberries back to the farm they came from assuring product safety.

We operate a state of the art fruit processing facility located in the heart of Everson, Washington. The Co-op is third partied audited, Kosher certified and our fieldman oversees our GAP certified growers. We have all the needed programs and the documentation in place to meet even the most rigorous oriented supplier quality control standards.

Our goal is to work alongside our local farmers and deliver the highest quality of raspberries from the farm to your table.

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